DSiSpace 2.0 beta

I would like to announce that some major changes shall be made. Soon there will be more pages, page accessories, user logins and more. We at DSiSpace appreciate your support and patience.
I am pleased to announce that we should have many more games, possible quizes, and possibly a better chatroom!
The Blogs(beta) is now up and running. I added some style to it ;). I need everyone to please register at the beta Shout and the beta Blogs please. I need this to occur so when our hand-made shoutbox, blogs, and user profiles are ready to go, your profile information can be transfered to our system. Special thanks to UNDERLING for working on the new shoutbox, new blog section, and user profile styles, which all are a work in progress :]. Hope you all like it, and the best is still yet to come!
Hey every1!I made an app for u all to enjoy oETo , Notes. I was gunna make this for my website but i decided to give it to Dsispace :]
Im Sorry to Say DSiSpace has been hacked...however, We are building a back-up DSiSpace here! And we plan on making it better than our first!